Dallas Safari Club funds mission-driven programs annually: elephant and lion projects in Africa, quail research, desert bighorn sheep reintroduction and habitat enhancement in Texas; moose, elk, stone sheep and caribou projects in British Columbia.

In the field of conservation, the DSC Foundation will continue and enhance DSC’s support of groups and projects including the Wild Harvest Initiative, anti-poaching efforts, habitat and wildlife restoration, scientific research, graduate studies and similar initiatives that will highlight the critical role of international hunting.

THE RESPONCE (Video Below)

Anti-hunters and the hunting community share a common passion… their love of wildlife. However, the anti-hunter views wildlife through the nirvana-like bubble of national parks. The harsh reality is the vast majority of Africa’s game lives outside of these protected areas, a point skillfully made by professional hunter Paul Stones in this response to an anti-hunter. A must-watch for all hunters in the fight to protect our hunting heritage and the wildlife we love.


THE UNHEARD VOICE (video below)

As the debate continues between the anti-hunting community and those who believe in the “Conservation Through Hunting” model, the unheard voice is the rural African who must live among the wild animals. It is these people who are most affected when politics supercedes science in the management of wildlife.