Mozambique Conservation Initiative Anti Paoching


Anti-poaching operations are only as good as the team it deploys to protect the conservation areas and the wildlife within. These are the boots on the ground custodians at the frontline of law enforcement and conservation. Mozambique Conservation Initiative (MCI) firmly believes that employing small and effective teams of specialised rangers greatly increases optimal performance from the team. All Rangers funded by MCI go through strict and comprehensive training programs.


The availability and use of both fixed wing and helicopters, has become one of the most vital tools for the anti-poaching teams. Aerial surveillance with fixed wing aircrafts are done daily which is beneficial to short term and long term operations planning. The use of helicopters is at hand for specialized surveillance and operations, as well as an immediate reaction vehicle for rangers and dogs during a follow up.


The K9 component to an anti-poaching team has proven to be an invaluable contributor to the success of counter poaching operations. These otherwise friendly team members are specifically trained and deployed to significantly speeds up the detection and tracking process.


MCI funded Anti-Poaching recipients and team work hand in hand with ANAC rangers, Mozambique's wildlife and conservation authorities. This symbiotic relationship greatly increases the boots on the ground and ensures illegal activities are dealt with in a lawful manner.