Mozambique Conservation Initiative Conservation


Specially protected and key species, from areas where they are thriving, are captured and relocated to areas in need. The primary purpose is to reintroduce these species to uninhabited areas where they historically existed. This contributes to a holistic approach of a functioning ecosystem.


The collaring and monitoring of specially protected species greatly assists the anti-poaching efforts as well as provides much needed information for research projects. Species currently being collared and monitored include Wild Dogs, Elephants, Lions and of course Rhino.


While all forms of tourism are seen as a major contributor towards conservation, it is only as beneficial as the parameters set in place. Wildlife areas where Mozambique Conservation Initiative (MCI) operate, adhere to lawful and sustainable activities that take place on the land.


Wildlife Aid is a broad concept including tasks which are individually selected to benefit the wildlife in the conservation area. Examples of tasks taken on include veterinary services for injured or sick animals due to natural causes or human inflicted causes.