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Once-Off Donation

When you donate, you become a vital part of MCIs' important conservation work. Every donation helps us to secure a future for Wildlife.

Make a donation today to ensure we can continue conservation efforts for nature and for you.

Banking Details

Bank : BCI – Banco Comercial e de Investimentos

Address: Av. 25 de Setembro nr. 4– Maputo, Mozambique  

Branch: Ponta Vermelha

Branch Code: 40


$ USD Account

Account nr : 1959 0100 7100 02

NIB : 0008 0000 9590 1007 1029 2

IBAN: MZ59 0008 0000 9590 1007 1029 2

Monthly Donation

Monthly donations made on a continued basis will empower MCI to make a real difference.

Your monthly donation helps us to protect, save and restore Mozambiques' natural places and keep them viable for generations to come.